IoT Engineering
Retailers have to renew their park of shopping carts by 100% every year because of theft
90 sec
One shopping cart is stolen every 90 seconds

Ioto. IoT Engineering for Retail and FMCG

Our company sees engineering of the Internet of things as one of its specialties. We have developed devices that allow to increase control over the shops equipment and products at a high technological level. The devices operate on the basis of Bluetooth Low Energy and other Wireless chipsets.

    This device allows to control location of the shopping carts
    The device for automatically ordering in e-commerce

It is recommended for retailers and e-commerce.

Ioto Cart

This is a unique equipment and service that allows retail networks to monitor their shopping carts, which makes it possible to reduce losses because of theft. It could be applied for analysis of merchandising effectiveness as well.

Interface view of the online monitor for controlling the carts:

Ioto Button

Ioto Button is a device with 40mm in diameter, which can be configured for ADR of products at any online store.

After configuration, to make subsequent orders you need just to press the button when you run out of cartridge in your printer, of bottled water or laundry detergent.

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