Virtual Identity Agent
$ 795 B
Estimated PII market in 2020
$ 10.5 B
Online lending losses in 2025

Muva. Identity Management

This is a solution to verify and analyse the data, KYC, alternative scoring data to enrich the personal data and to detect fraud, pre-scoring and customer loyalty. The service processes with a customer's consent.

It is recommended to use for e-commerce, banks and  fintech services.

Verified And Analysed Data:

  • User area of Telco companies
  • The data of marketplaces and e-commerce baskets
  • The data of Inbox e-mail headers
  • Other types of Internet accounts

Test landing page


  • API description
  • Instructions on integration for the partner
  • Legal opinion
  • The widget script


Work technology

For Online Lending, Banking And Financial Services

The widget is embedded into the user’s form due to which the user logs into his personal account of the mobile operator or into other Internet accounts. Then, the bot collects the data and transmits them to the form or directly to the form owner with consent of the user.

At the moment, we trust mobile information more than financial information, because it is more likely that the client has a mobile phone than a wallet.

Service Provider,

Example of the registration form:

For E-commerce

On marketplaces sites with many sellers and buyers, cases of deception and fraud inevitably occur. The most common fraud schemes are the ones on message boards, dating sites, job search and freelance sites.

Our solution allows to quickly analyse information about the phone and to collect up to 8 contacts of the registered user.

Example of the registration form in e-commerce:


  • Full name/Company name
  • E-mail


  • 8 private outgoing / incoming numbers over the past month


  • Current Balance
  • Blocked / Not blocked
  • Registration region
  • SMS Sender (competitors, banks, payment services)
  • Detailed calls


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