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Car Insurance liability

Car Insurance Liability


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damage pointer places scratches myatiny on the photo it is possible to use a small object in the form of a box of matches or a pack of cigarettes are doing now an indication of damage to the circuit cars possible 3D

CTC MTS driving udostovrenie recognition not all documents and data maybe it really is not very necessary and timeconsuming

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unbreakable session photographing operation is not more15 minutes

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the agents application must necessarily be linked to the SIM card agent or phone number Ack finding on examination a very important legal fact for the court

What will the UK such an application

acceleration processing online

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predstrahovoy inspection

during the insured event

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professional agent unskilled agent the driver 3 different versions of the application app makes photos step by step

Unqualified agent For integration with Mytask or equivalent Member gets the job done for the inspection of cars 50100r analogue freelancer Download an application goes to inspect the object making photos is strictly according to the algorithm of this application

driver downloads the app take a photo using the algorithm within strict application

Professional Insurance Agent will download their own version goes to the site

for 15 minutes to do a photo all steps should be more than 15 min

Photos are automatically loaded in the UK where a portion of information is recognized and some in the form of photos

Next scoring passes the detected part for triggering flags theft fines etc Part of the photos which are not recognized scans the underwriter SC At the end of which email is issued policy


Deteks Ukraine c have an application selection parts data on them the prices and all in real Enter buy

timeofferedIngosstrakh implemented but asked a lot of money

What are the UK today have such an application

Ingosstrakh but in the form of internal pogramma rather than applications for clients

What were the problems

Eter buy passports recognition service failed to recognize the water inpasportov and other documents requested budget including the purchase of servers and other hardware


for CTP whether the application is interesting

today insurance Association makes an application where people can take a photo of the car with accident with labels and submit to the court if the UK refused to pay You can make an application for your option are recognized when added number tag on the photo time korrdinat number of bodies and simkarty owner And offer him an alliance of insurers to P2p

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