Insurance Assistant
in average by states in the U.S. drivers does not have an auto insurance policy
auto accidents involving injury include an uninsured at-fault driver
$150 bln
losses from automobile collisions in the U.S. each year

Insacar. Online Insurance

This solution is to check the insurance history by the car photo and to execute electronic policies. It is recommended to insurance companies and their customers.

Insacar Features

  • Check the insurance policy by the car photo
  • Fill in the electronic policy by the documents photos

Forms to execute the insurance policy are very complicated and require entering long alphanumeric values, for example, VIN, the car body number, and the car frame number.

We facilitate the process of filling in the form for the user by recognizing the data of the document or its separate fragments by photos taken with the phone.

If we compare the level of customers’ satisfaction in various industries, we can see that insurance companies are among the last, ahead of only real estate, mobile operators and cable Internet companies...

It is high time for talented entrepreneurs to build companies that will change the insurance industry...

TechCrunch, 2016



Work technology

Insacar using Computer Vision technology makes the process of checking out the insurance history and filling in an application easy and convenient for customers.

Filling In The Form By The Data Detection
From The Documents Photo

Step 1.
Take the photo

Step 2.
Photo detection

Data For Detection


  • Series and number
  • Release date
  • VIN
  • Region
  • Production year
  • Brand
  • Body modification
  • Engine capacity


  • Full name
  • Series and Number
  • Date of birth


  • Full name (matched)
  • Series and Number
  • Date of birth (matched)
  • Date of issue
  • Authorized categories


  • Series and Number
  • Date of birth
  • Name in Latin Letters

Checking The Insurance History By Photo
Of The Licence Plate

Step 1.
Uploading or taking the photo

Step 2.
Photo detection

Step 3.
Obtaining insurance history in 30 seconds

White Label — The Insacar User Chooses His Insurance
Company In The Application Settings

Step 1.
Choose the insurance company

Step 2.
Choose the insurance product

API Is The Integration Of Insacar Into Mobile Application Of The Insurance Company

Insacar API for Insurance companies

  • API of the users’ verification → identified photos
  • API of photo detection

  • API of checking the insurance history by the car photo

  • API of an accident scheme drawing

  • API of the car assessment

  • API of autoselection of the electronic catalogues spare parts


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