Smart Bulletin Board
Is made by the Internet penetration in the state regulation, which is less than in any other sector: the consumer, security, education, and the health one
Voters in 2015 in the UK were ready to prove their identity using the mobile phone

Geco. Smart Bulletin Board

This solution is to assess the citizens’ satisfaction with public services. We have made short surveys in Physical Web and bound to specific events in time due to the technology of the  Internet of Things (IOT). The service works on the basis of Bluetooth Low Energy and other Wireless.

It is recommended to city council and political parties.

Service Features

  • KPI of the citizens’ satisfaction is based on the analysis of short local surveys in Physical Web
  • Bluetooth Low Energy technology increases representativeness
  • Metrics and KPI Monitoring are updated online


Work technology

For City Council

By combining the technologies of the Internet of things and the developed international methods of calculation of the municipalities’ KPI, we have created a unique service of assessment of the citizens’ satisfaction with municipal services online.

View of metrics and KPI monitoring Dashboard

For Political Parties

Geco system based on BLE beacons and modern standards of data exchange between the Internet of Things devices allows to increase the voters’ activity and to identify the users by phone.


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