RESTful API, Open ID, and intire developed a programming meta-language allow to connect customer's Internet accounts, analyse sensitive data, and provide virtual identity attributes similar to as he does it by his own. Before transaction user's consent is recored on Smuva's ledger.

We have carried out a detailed analysis of many types of Internet accounts, in different regions of the world, classified the data attrubutes and opened API access for partners as Identity Agent Platform.

Moreover, we have carried out a research of technology legitimacy we leveraged.

Solutions run on it:


Artificial Intelligence, Scoring Mobile Data, Computer Vision for photo recognition, settles around predicting of phone number owner behavior and photo recognition for Insurance documents, such as the vehicle certificate of title, and the vehicle certificate of registration, as well as of alphanumeric data, such as the license plate, VIN, dash panel indications, color recognition, car body model and a brand.

We use different solutions and provide our API for integration.

Solutions run on in:


Engineering Ioto devices, we proceed from the technology usefulness and from its development prospects. Therefore, we use  Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and other Wireless modules depending on designing equipment tasks.

Solutions run on it:



Algorithms, Analytics, and IoT Engineering

Algorithms & Analytics

All the company’s solutions driven on algorithms, data analytic for people and their devices as an identity management platform with insurance and retail assistant end-point applets. We believe in great opportunity for AI in break & mortar and convenience store retail segments. Meanwhile new tech opportunities bring new flaws in identity security frames, that we are connect customer's accounts and devices making more transparent and safer any transaction with sharind data.

User Interface

The focus on interactions with a user contributs development of adaptive intelligent UI, strive to relieve customers from odd application steps to fill in.

IoT Engineering

Engineering software and hardware prototypes, including MVP version, for a new IoT solution for testing an idea. Smuva is backed by follow technologies:


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