Guide To Collect A Rang Of Dataset Car Photo

Instructions on collection of 100 test cases Photos of vehicles

Requirements for selection of cases

Model Brand Number of cases the body Modification

1 Lada Granta 4 cases for each model

must be different

in the time of release of cars

thatwere visible differencesthe

inmodifications of the body

2 Hyundai Solaris 3

April New Rio KIA 4

April Renault Duster May

4 Lada Kalina 6

April VW Polo 4

July Lada Largus 8

April Lada Priora 9

April Nissan Almera 10

April Chevrolet Niva April

11 Renault Logan 12

April Renault Sandero 13

April A7 Skoda Octavia 14

April Chevrolet Cruze April

15 4 4 Lada 16

April Hyundai ix35 17

April Focus Ford 18

April RAV 4 Toyota 19

April the Corolla Toyota 20

April Mitsubishi Outlander 21

April Opel Astra 22

April Nissan XTrail 23

April KIA Sportage 24

April the Camry Toyota 25

April Nissan Qashqai 4

Total 100

Set the information collected for each Casey

photo car front optional

photo Car rearoptional

photo cars on the leftoptional

photo cars on the rightoptional

photo license plate optional is to be read

photo the VINdesirable must be read

photo panels devices with indication of kilometers desirable

characteristics of cars distributed as a text file optional


a naturalcolor photo without Photoshop and other editors

car body must be worn with more than 30 ie exclude ads for parts broken before bottom Wrinkled door mayrule

manual for the collection of information

1 in the View section of passenger cars on site e1ru

2 Select the make and model of the desired list and collect photos 56

3 Save photo according to the following

front face

back back

to the left left

right right

license plate number vIN vin

devices menu km km

to copy and save the car characteristics to a textfile descriptiontxt

copy Features

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