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Control of shopping trolleys

Annual losses from the theft of shopping trolleys in the US is 900 million per year Companies in Russia are updated annually for the same reason the 100 of the park On average 100 square meters m 20 carts required When the trolley cost 2600 rubles not difficult to understand that only the Russian market of tens mldr rubles

The Russian company SMUVA developed Ioto Cart device that allows you to control the trolley within a radius of 300 meters and report the alarm to a single system for monitoring the removal truck

When the truck came out of the radius of 300 meters it will find and return the Customer Service to return the carriages using the coordinates device

The battery allows working independently up to 2 years

Technology has changed we have introduced a new gazhdet for obuchnoy shopping trolley They can be used including the opening of new stores to identify problem stores in terms of lack of parking spaces and the optimal number of trucks per store

The next version will allow Ioto Cart send short voice messages and text ads on the users phone

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