Remarks For Ioto Cart, version 1.2



The total length of the handle 55 cm

space to accommodate devices 40cm length diameter 22 cm

window to display the antenna out possible 15 cm by 5 cm or the size of any cat will be cut by the installer

to a deviceRequirements

Derived mini USB on the outside handle protected by a protective rubber ring

The ability to update key parameters the number to send an SMS while sending SMS network configuration configuration remotely

is necessary so that you can adjust the receiver via mini USB without eject the device from handles and disconnecting the battery That is charging and configuration via USB in the handle

Improve search the GPS on the test in general have never determined the coordinates as well as the accuracy of the GSM coordinates 200m accuracy with only a glass wall between the transmitter and receiver

Adding BLE module akkmulyatorom 2 years find readymade device RATIO size for instore monitoring


Add all modules in onepiece plastic transparent tube that certainly was evident antenna outside diameter 22 cm length 40 cm Together where the antenna is cut window on the trolley handle Also make cuts under the mini USB The handset unit is fixed to the handle of a screw or glued on the bias and the scroll On top of the rubber tube dresses whole ring which covers and protects the hole from external influence

The antenna is discharged to the outside handle worn protective hard plastic ring

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