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using the latest developments in the world of technology determine the location data transfer and processing and Dash Replenishment Service DRS for remote ADR goods in a single click we propose a set of App app and gadget that fundamentally change the approach to the management of customer loyalty for all formats stores1

Implementation version

people in the store at the cash register receives Dash button as now buyers get a loyalty card discounts bonuses can be several eg kitchen separately the bathroom alone

further sends via USSD code works on any phone at all check numbers cat he would like to use ADR and the ID of the magnet

secures the Dash button at home

when he finishes something he simply clicks on it and is automatically generated order in the shop then it comes USSD code on the phone with the time specification similar to taxi you can make this KOMMUNIKEYSHN

as it comes with a courier eating powders etc

couriers are ordinary people housemates friends For example you go to the store pick up the neighbors and get paid for it as the Exchange p2p service

payment schemes you can do a lot including the credit due to the credit of the operator and automatic writing to the card or placing the order in the Internet bank and the cache also

ispossible that the application will choose among neskolkiz nearest shops and retail chains on the basis of prices

as a magnet


client location and identification of the nearest store of ordering and delivery based on the Telecom Data

technology Big data Wifi gadget dash Replenishmentan

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